Other PLA Resources

Report on Foreign Qualifications Recognition and Alternative Careers

Research Report commissioned by the Best Practices and Thematic Task Team of the Foreign Qualification Recognition Working Group, Forum of Labour Market Ministers. View >

Going to Canada Online Portfolio Model

Human Resources and Skills Development are working in partnership with Citizenship and Immigration, Industry Canada and Foreign Affairs to enhance the Going to Canada web site so that it becomes a one-stop immigration portal. The on-line service will provide useful information for those considering immigration as well as for those wanting to make their integration into Canadian life less difficult. (Going to Canada)

Halifax Declaration for the Recognition of Prior Learning

In 2002, the “Halifax Declaration for the Recognition of Prior Learning” was released, which represented the results of research carried out amongst participants of the ‘Recognizing Learning’ conference in Halifax on October 28-31, 2001. (RecognitionForLearning.ca)

Brain Gain

In September 2001, the Conference Board of Canada produced “Brain Gain – The Economic Benefits of Recognizing Learning and Learning Credentials in Canada” which stated that the recognition of learning would give Canadians an additional $4.1 billion-5.9 billion in income annually. (www.conferenceboard.ca)

Articulation Agreements

Several member organizations of the Canadian Alliance of Education and Training Organizations, including CAPLA, have been involved in a project on articulation agreements in Canada. (www.caeto.ca)

Developing Benchmarks

In 2000, the Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA) produced “Developing Benchmarks for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition – Practitioner Perspectives” which provided a template for those who provide advice, facilitate and assess experiential learning. Read the Executive Summary here.

Reaching Our Full Potential

In 1999, the Canadian Labour Force Development Board (CLFDB) prepared a report entitled “Reaching Our Full Potential: prior learning assessment and recognition for foreign-trained Canadians.” You can find it on-line here.

A Slice of the Iceberg

A research report dealing with adult learners’ PLAR experiences in community colleges entitled ‘A Slice of the Iceberg: Cross-Canada Study of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition‘ (1999) is currently in its second phase.