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Manitoba is a Canadian prairie and western province. Manitoba’s capital and largest city, Winnipeg, is Canada’s 8th largest metropolitan census area, and home to 60% of the population of the province. Four of the province’s five universities are located in Winnipeg. Agriculture, mostly concentrated in the fertile southern and western parts of the province, is vital to the province’s economy; other major industries are transportation, manufacturing, forestry, energy and tourism. ( and wikipedia)

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Adult Learning Centres Resource Immigrants Extensive network of centres throughout Manitoba, providing advisory services and prior learning assessment services for individuals seeking Grade 12 equivalency Tel: 204.945.8247
Assiniboine Community College PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Many courses are eligible for PLAR and are identified in with a P. Tel:204.725.8700
800.862.6307 (toll free)
Brandon University PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Provides PLAR for students through a portfolio process. Initial stage is to contact the PLAR Coordinator. Fees apply. Tel: 204.727.7300
Credential Assessment Credential Assessment Service Immigrants In Manitoba, individuals must contact one of the six members of the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada
Government of Manitoba Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) for Job Seekers Resources Immigrants Provides information on PLAR, including sections on What is PLAR?, Is PLAR for you?
Manitoba Start Service Immigrants Provides information on settlement services for newcomers as well as workshop programs such as StartUp, which for immigrants who want to work in a regulated professions, or HeadStart for immigrants who want to manage their long-term career goals. Tel: 204.944.8833
Resources and services Immigrants Focal Point Partner for CIIP clients, Manitoba Start provides overseas advisory services; offers newcomer services towards a seamless transition to in-Canada settlement and labor market integration; facilitates access to language assessment and training, volunteer programs and employment services and programs; and provides financial guidance.
Service Immigrants Focal Point Partner for CIIP clients, who are encouraged to connect the Student Integration Services for information and advice on education and training options, as well as counseling on professional and career goals. They also make referrals to other educational institutions, professional bodies and online supports based on the client’s specific occupational needs and destination. Exchange District Campus
Tel: 204.631.3345
Notre Dame Campus
Tel: 204.631.3345Email:
PLAR -> Institution Credit Immigrants Enrolled in Red River College Conducts PLAR for college credits through Portfolio and Challenge Process Assessments. RPL orientation sessions are held throughout the year. An application form needs to be completed and submitted to Student Services Fees apply. Prospective Students:
RPL Advisor, Lauren Waples
Tel: 204.632.3094
Email: lwaples@rrc.caRPL Resources:RPL Facilitator, Deb BlowerTel: 204.632.2065Email:
Program Immigrants Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Nurses prepares Internationally Educated Nurses to work as Registered Nurses in Manitoba. Registration Services:
Tel: 204.784.5181
SEED Winnipeg Services and programs Immigrants Offer a variety of services and programs targeted to internationally educated professionals and skilled workers. Programs include environmental bridging program, engineering and nursing professionals networking, and occupational specific job search support. Fees apply for some services. See SEED’ website for a complete list of referral partner agencies and programs.
Success Skills Centre Inc. Services and programs Immigrants Offer a variety of services and programs targeted to internationally educated professionals and skilled workers. Programs include environmental bridging program, engineering and nursing professionals networking, and occupational specific job search support. Fees apply for some services. Tel: 204.975.5111
University College of the North PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrant services Complete and submit a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment Agreement Form. Fees apply. Email Enrollment Services:
The Pas, Manitoba
Phone: 204.627.8500
Thompson, Manitoba
Phone: 204.677.6450
University of Manitoba PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrant students At the University of Saskatchewan, PLAR is not centralized in one office. Individual departments and faculties (including Continuing Education and Social Work) are responsible for their own PLAR, and you need to contact them directly. Contact info through specific departments and faculties
Bridging Program Immigrants – Engineers Internationally-Educated Engineers Qualifications program provides university engineering course, co-op work experience, cultural orientation, language and communication support and professional networking. Fees apply. Tel: 204.474.8961
Pre-arrival Program Immigrants UM is a member of Canadian Virtual University, which permits eligible individuals to begin their university program prior to arriving in Canada.
University of Winnipeg PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Comprehensive information on the university’s PLAR process, which begins by contacting the PLAR Coordinator and completing an Application for Challenge for Credit form. Allowed up to a maximum of 30 credit hours of courses using PLAR in the Faculties of Arts, Business & Economics, Education, Kinesiology and Science. Tel: 204.786.9767
PLAR Coordinator, Barbara L. Read
WPLAR Manitoba Resources & Tools Immigrants Counsellors Employers Diverse stakeholders/partners – employers, unions, industry groups, self-regulating professions, trainers an, educators – oversee the development of RPL in the workplace. Excellent source for RPL resources useful within and beyond a workplace setting. Phone: 204.272.5030


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