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New Brunswick is one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces, one of the four Atlantic Canada provinces and is constitutionally bilingual (English-French). Fredericton is the capital and Saint John is the most populous city. In the 2011 nationwide census, Statistics Canada estimated the provincial population to have been 751,171. The majority of the population is English-speaking but there is also a large Francophone minority (33%). ( and wikipedia)

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Mount Allison University PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrant Enrolled in MAU Challenge for Credit is available for select course that are identified in the academic calendar. Challenge for Credit application is available on line. Fees apply. Tel: 506.364.2269
Multicultural Association of Fredericton Services Immigrants Provides employment services including developing a personalized employment action plan and navigating the foreign credential recognition process. Tel: 506.452.0664
Resources and services Immigrants Focal Point Partner for CIIP clients, MCAF provides overseas advisory services; offers newcomer services towards a seamless transition to in-Canada settlement and labor market integration; facilitates access to language assessment and training, volunteer programs and employment services and programs; and provides financial guidance.
New Brunswick College of Craft and Design PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrant Enrolled in NBCCD Provides prior learning assessment. Fees apply. Registrar
New Brunswick Community College PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrant Enrolled in NBCC Provides information and guidance to obtain NBCC credit for what you already know either through other post-secondary institutions courses and programs or through work experience. No fees. Carolyn Walsh, Associate Registrar
Tel: 506.856.2619
New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC) Financial assistance Immigrants Educational Loans for Foreign Credential Recognition provides loans of up to $15,000 financial support for internationally trained workers in the foreign credential recognition process. Loan may pay for professional registration fees, licensing and examination fees, training and tuition fees and work tools. Tel: 506.453.1091 x 6
Program Immigrants Immigrant Mentoring Program is designed to assist internationally trained immigrants to successfully navigate the Canadian labour market by matching them with experienced professionals with shared education, work experience and career goals. Tel: 506.453.1091 x 0 or 3
University of New Brunswick (UNB) PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Enrolled in UNB Prior Learning Assessment Centre provides information and guidance to obtain UNB credit for what you already know. Analysis and evidence of learning is presented and assessed through one or more of the following methods: portfolio of learning experiences, interview with content specialist, challenge exam and/or product or skill demonstration. Prior learning assessment is also offered for distance and online degrees. Fees apply. PLA Coordinator
Tel: 506.458.7976
Pre-arrival Studies Prospective Immigrants UNB is a member of Canadian Virtual University, which permits eligible individuals to begin their university program prior to arriving in Canada.


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