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Ontario’s population is 12 million and includes people from 200 countries who speak as many as 130 languages. Over many years, hard-working newcomers from many cultures have helped to make the province of Onatrio a multicultural land of opportunity. Ontario has many different industries and jobs. Newcomers will find opportunities in manufacturing, finance, tourism, arts and sciences in Ontario’s strong economy. (www.cic.gc.ca and wikipedia)

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ACCES (Accessible Community Counselling and Employment Services) Bridging Program Immigrants – Finance Professionals Financial Services Connections provides training in occupation-specific language, workplace culture and communication, technical skills and exam prep. Tel: 416.921.1800
Bridging Program Immigrants – Human Resources Professionals Human Resources Connections provides access to human resources professional networks, mentoring and guest speakers Tel: 905.361.2522
Bridging Program Immigrants – Information Technology Professionals Information Technology Connections provides communications training and mentoring opportunities. Tel: 905.361.2522
Bridging Program Immigrants – Supply Chain & Logistics Backgrounds Supply Chain Connections provides opportunities to network with employers, learn sector-specific job search strategies, and improve Canadian business cultural communication skills. Tel: 905.361.2522
Bridging Program Immigrants – Sales and Marketing Professionals Sales and Marketing Connections provides business communications coaching, occupation-specific language training and sector-specific employment services Tel: 905.361.2522
Bridging Program Immigrants – Engineers Engineering Connections provides academic training on the Fundamentals of Project Management, an overview of the Canadian Project Management environment and Microsoft Project software. Tel: 905.361.2522
Algonquin College PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants enrolledin Algonquin College Information on PLAR: What is PLAR? PLAR Steps (Awareness, Access, Advisory, Assessment (portfolio or exam), Assessment and Achievement), FAQs, PLAR Application form and PLAR Guidelines. Fees apply. Tel: 613.727.4723 x 7027
Email: plar@algonquincollege.com
Bridging Program Immigrants – Civil Engineering Technologists Meets the requirements to practice as Civil Engineering Technologists in Ontario. Participants receive a Civil Engineering Technology diploma when they graduate. Tel: 613.727.4723 x 3531
Email: jellad@algonquincollege.com
Bridging Program Immigrants – Sciences International Biotechnology Technologist Professionals provides an intensive International Biotechnology Technologist advance diploma. Participants receive occupational language training, Canadian work experience and mentorship. Tel: 613.727.4723 x 3228
Email: diakund@algonquincollege.com
Bridging Program Immigrants – Nurses H2H (Here to Help) IENs provides enhanced occupational-specific language training, in-class academic or simulated laboratory training clinical placements, cultural competency, workplace preparation and registration exam support. Tel: 613.727.4723 x 5085
Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) Bridging Program Immigrants – International Medical Graduates CCNM offers bridge delivery of its naturopathic medical program developed specifically for international medical graduates. Tel: 416.498.1255 x 245
Email: info@ccnm.edu
Canadian Mothercraft Society Bridging Program Immigrants – Early Childhood Educators and Preschool & Primary School Teachers Bridge Training in Early Childhood Education for Internationally Trained Individuals provides academic course work, occupation-specific language training, workplace culture and communications training, workplace internship placements and employment supports. Upon successful completion, participants will be granted a diploma in ECE, which will be recognized for registration by the College of ECE. Tel: 416.483.0511
Email: college@mothercraft.org
CanPrep by JVS Toronto Pre-arrival services, resources and online mentoring Immigrants CanPrep is a free specialized employment program designed for internationally trained individuals with an approved permanent resident visa relocating to any province in Canada. Offered completely online, Employments Specialists start preparing you for employment before arriving in Canada. Through one-to-one online support you’ll learn how to conduct a job search in Canada, participate in online mentoring, learn how to be successful in the Canadian workplace, gain understanding of your industry or sector in Canada, connect with employers and apply for jobs. Services are provided in English or French. Iliana Tzekova
Email: canprepreferrals@jvstoronto.org
Carleton University Pre-arrival Program Immigrants CU is a member of Canadian Virtual University, which permits eligible individuals to begin their university program prior to arriving in Canada.
CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses Bridging Program Immigrant – Nurses Internationally Educated Nurses provides exam preparation, nursing-specific language training, counselling, workshops, job shadowing, networking opportunities and job shadowing. Tel: 416.226.2800 x 226
Email: zramji@care4nurses.org
Catholic Centre for Immigrants – Ottawa Bridging Program Immigrant – Medical Graduates & other Healthcare Professionals Career Transitions for International Medical Doctors provides an exploration of employment options in the non-regulated alternative healthcare sector, including workshops on transferable skills and healthcare sector orientation. Tel: 613.232.9634 x 418
Email: arber@cic.ca
Centennial College PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Enrolled in Centennial College Information on PLAR application process, PLAR assessments (portfolios and/or challenge assessments), and FAQs. Fees apply. Tel: 416.289.5123
Email: advising@centennialcollege.ca
Bridging Program Immigrant – Nurses Practical Nursing Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Nurses provides course in occupation-specific language, workplace culture and communication, technical skills, clinical practice in simulation labs, Canadian work experience opportunities, employment preparation workshops and exam preparation. Tel: 416.289.5303
Email: healthstudies@centennialcollege.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Engineering, IT, Business and Sales Supply Chain Awareness Program for Employment provides supply chain sector-specific training and workplace experiences.
Bridging Program Immigrants – Project Management, Civil Engineering, Research & Quality Assurance Green Economy Employment Program provides academic training offered through Ryerson University, as well as workplace culture and communications training and work placement opportunities. Participants will receive a Sustainability Program Certificate upon completion.
Comparative Education Service Credential Evaluation Service Immigrant Comparative Education Service of the University of Toronto provides an educational assessment service that compares educational qualifications from other countries to Ontario’s educational standards. Evaluates credentials for employment purposes. Services are available in French, but assessment reports are available in English only. Fees apply. Tel: 416.978.2400 x 3
Email: ces.info@utoronto.ca
Conestoga College PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Enrolled in Conestoga College PLAR principles, assessment criteria, process, eligibility, how to get started, PLAR policy and procedures. Fees apply. Email: CreditTransfer@conestogac.on.ca
Programs Immigrants Offers two internship programs: one is a four month paid internship for individuals with post-secondary degrees, and the other one is the OPS Internship Program for Internationally Trained Engineers that provides paid internship of 12-15 months to provide the relevant Canadian work experience required for licensing by Professional Engineers Ontario. Tel: 519.748.5220 x 2387
Email: lpremsukh@conestogac.on.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Nurses Bridge to Practical Nursing for Internationally Educated Health Professionals (Graduate Certificate) prepares participants to enter the final year of the Practical Nursing diploma program. Tel: 519.748.5220 x 3656
Email: kradigan@conestogac.on.ca
Confederation College PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Enrolled in Confederation College Information on PLAR candidates, assessment, application form, student advised and Recognition of Prior Learning Guide. Fees apply. Tel: 807.475.6213
Email: admissions@confederationc.on.ca
Bridging Programs Immigrants – Health Care Pathways to Health Care Employment in North-Western Ontario for Internationally Trained Individuals connects participants with employers looking to hire health-care professionals. Tel: 807.475.6211
Email: bernosky@confederationc.on.ca
COSTI Immigrant Services Resources and services Immigrants Employment Strategies for Individuals with International Experience provides adapting to the Canadian workplace workshops, credential evaluation assistance, access to mentoring services. Offered in Brampton, Caledonia,Jane St. Hub, Mississauga,Vaughn and Weston.See website for full contact info.
Services Immigrants Online services including resources, employment strategies for professionals courses, trades and apprenticeship workshops and a virtual library. Tel: 416.789.7925
Email: employ@costi.org
Resources and services Immigrants Focal Point Partner for CIIP clients, COSTI provides overseas advisory services; offers newcomer services towards a seamless transition to in-Canada settlement and labor market integration; facilitates access to language assessment and training, volunteer programs and employment services and programs; and provides financial guidance. Tel: 416.658.1600
Email: info@costi.org
CPAC (Chinese Professional Association of Canada) Program Immigrants Gateway for Accounting and Finance Professional Program aims to help these professionals obtain Certified General Accountant designation with a clearly illustrated road map, gain relevant Canadian work experience and become successful in the workplace by equipping themselves with essential soft skills.
Program Immigrants – Nurses Gateway for Internationally Educated Nurses aims to help these professionals obtain Registered Nurse/Registered Practical Nurse (RN/RPN) license through the following components: Introduction to Nursing practice in Ontario, Workplace Culture and Communications, Career specific language Training, Nursing Exam Preparation, Mentoring and Employment Services. Tel: 416.298.7885 x 102
Email: ien@chineseprofessionals.ca
Durham College PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Information on PLAR, policies, procedures and timelines. Fees apply. Email: admissions@durhamcollege.ca
Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Information on PLAR and the evaluation methods (challenge process and portfolios). PLAR may be assessed before entering a college program. Fees apply. PLAR Advisor
Tel: 519.452.4445
Bridging Program Immigrants – Nurses Bridging for Internationally Educated Nurses provide academic and occupation-specific language training, registration exam preparation support, supervised clinical placements and mentorship opportunities. Tel: 519.667.2392
Email: bien@fanshawec.ca
George Brown College PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Enrolled in George Brown College Information on What is PLAR? Who can apply? How does it work? How to apply? Application form, PLAR Self-Assessment Form (downloadable template), and PLAR Policy. Fees apply. Tel: 416.415.5000 x 7527
Email: plar@georgebrown.ca
Service Immigrants Focal Point Partner for CIIP clients, who are encouraged to connect the School of Immigrant and Transitional Education Department for information and advice on education and training options, as well as counseling on professional and career goals. They also make referrals to other educational institutions, professional bodies and online supports based on the client’s specific occupational needs and destination. Website
Tel: 416.415.5000
Email: immigranteducation@georgebrown.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Construction Trades Helps internationally trained individuals enter the construction workforce in management positions. It includes graduate-level training and workplace experience. Website
Tel: 416.415.5000 x 4398
Email: construction@georgebrown.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – College Teachers College Teacher Training for Internationally Educated Professionals provides training in instructional strategies and classroom management, lesson planning, assessment and practice teaching, communication skills development and internships. Tel: 416.415.5000 x 3268
Email: cttp@georgebrown.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Nurses Academic Pathway for Nurses Graduate Certificate provides academic coursework, clinical placements, training workshops and mentoring. Tel: 416.415.5000 x 2872
Email: gbradley@georgebrown.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Counsellors and Educators Career and Work Counsellor Program for Internationally Educated Professionals – graduates of the program meet the Canadian National Standards and Guidelines for Career Counsellors and are qualified to enter the employment counseling field. Tel: 416.415.5000 x 2185
Email: Communityservices@georgebrown.ca
Hamilton Health Sciences Bridging Program Immigrants – Nurses & Practical Nurses Internationally Educated Nurse project provides clinical assessment, clinical skills development, problem-solving, communication skills training team relationships, professionalism and managing conflict in a hospital setting. Tel: 905.521.2100 x 77512
Email: dijmares@hhsc.ca
Health Force Ontario Resources and service Immigrants Assist internationally educated health professionals find out how to qualify for professional practice in Ontario. The centre provides profession-specific info sessions, referrals to upgrading courses and regulatory bodies and pursuing alternative careers in health care. Toll free: 1.800.596.4046
Email: accesscentre@healthforceontario.ca
Humber College PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Enrolled in Humber College PLAR Application Form. Fees apply. Tel: 416.675.5000
Email: enquiry@humber.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Engineering, Environmental Science and/or Architecture Pathways to Employment in the Sustainability and Energy Sector provides 15 weeks of technical training, occupation-specific language training and sector-specific employment services. Website
Tel: 416.675.6622 x 5932
Email: ite@humber.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Civil, Electronic & Mechanical Engineers and Architects Engineering Software Skills Enhancement Program provides sector-specific skills such as AutoCAD, MS Project, Revit, LEED, Engineering Codes & Standard, as well as mentoring opportunities and advising services. Tel: 416.675.6622 x 2613
Email: iti-esse@humber.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering (computer, electronics or electrical) Professionals Mobile Systems Integration Bridging Program for Internationally Trained IT Professionals provides advanced concepts and skills in computer networking, information security, installation and configuration of servers in a virtualized environment with an emphasis on operating systems. Tel: 416.675.6622 x 2613
Email: iti-mobile@humber.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Information and Communications Technology Professionals Coaching to Career Initiative provides intensive communications training, branding and self-marketing skills, networking and interview skills, and workplace integration support. Tel: 613.237.8551
Email: coaching@ictc-ctic.ca
Job Skills Employment and Business Programs and Supports Bridging Program Immigrants – Human Resources Job Skills Human Resources Bridging Program provides four HR college credit courses required for the completion of the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, sector-specific language training, occupation-specific technical training and work placement. Tel: 905.940.7982
Email: bridgetohr@jobskills.org
JVS Toronto Bridging Program Immigrants – Architects Bridge Training for Immigrant Professional Leveraging Architectural Knowledge for New Opportunities provides architectural academic training, Enhanced Language Training, Canadian Workplace Essentials, and mentoring and internship placements. Tel: 416.449.6898
Toll Free Ontario: 1.800.565.2724
Email: oaamail@oaa.on.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Information and Communications Technologists Coaching to Career provides employment preparation training and personalized coaching. Tel: 416.649.1625
Email: coaching@ictc-ctic.ca
La Cité Collégiale PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Enrolled in La Cité Information on Procedures, Application Forms and RPL Information Sessions. Fees apply. Tel: 613.742.2483 x 2866
Email: rda@lacitec.on.ca
Training Program Immigrants – French Speaking Trades Workers Integrating Internationally Trained Individuals into the Construction Sector helps internationally trained trades people in the construction industry such as electricians, plumbers and bricklayers. It provides upgrading and language training, a four to six-month work placement, and support with obtaining certificates of qualifications or becoming registered as an apprentice. Tel: 613.742.2493 x 2251
Email: info@lacitec.on.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – French Speaking Information and Communications Technology Professionals Access to Information Technology and Communications Program provides occupation-specific language training, workplace culture and communication courses, English courses and internships. Tel: 613.742.2483 x 2831
Email: bgagno@lacitec.on.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – French Speaking Health Service Workers Access to Health Services program for Immigrants provides occupation-specific language training, communication and culture of work environment, simulation exercises and job shadowing. Tel: 613.742.2492 x 2803
Email: pvalin@lacitec.on.ca
Laurentian University Bridging Program Immigrants – Backgrounds in Accounting & Finance Professions North/Nord provides technical skills upgrading, language, and culture and workplace communications skills training. Website
Tel: 705.222.1766
Email: info@professionsnorth.ca
Pre-arrival Program Immigrants Laurentian University is a member of Canadian Virtual University, which permits eligible individuals to begin their university program prior to arriving in Canada.
London-Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council Program Immigrants Immigrant Mentoring Program is designed to assist internationally trained immigrants to successfully navigate the Canadian labour market by matching them with experienced professionals with shared education, work experience and career goals. Tel: 519.663.0774
Email: mentorship@lmiec.ca
McMaster University Bridging Program Immigrants – Occupational Therapists Occupational Therapy Exam Preparation Project provides preparation to write the national Occupational Therapy Certification Exam and to work in Canada. There is also a supervised practicum. Website
Tel: 905.525.9140 x 21278
Email: nlidsto@mcmaster.ca
Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto Bridging Program Immigrants Mental Health Professional, Bridge Training for Internationally Trained Psychologists and Allied Mental Health Professionals provides academic training to meet Canadian professional practice requirements, occupation-specific language training and clinical placement in health/mental agencies. Tel: 647.776.2057 x 307
Email: mandarin@mnlct.org
Michener Institute for Applied Health Science Bridging Program Immigrants – Medical Laboratory Technologists Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists provides simulated lab experience, intensive theory review and preparation to write the CSMLS certification exam. Tel: 416.596.3101 x 3147
Email: bridgingprogram@michener.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Radiological (X-ray)Technologists Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Radiological (X-Ray) Technologists provides core theory and preparation to write the CAMRT certification exam.
Mohawk College PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Enrolled in Mohawk College Information on PLAR, Challenge Exams, Portfolio Assessment, FAQs, and PLAR Registration form. Fees apply. Telephone:
Hamilton 905.575.2395
Brantford 519.759.7200 x 2395
Email: plar@mohawkcollege.ca
Online Assistance Form
Bridging Program Immigrants – Nurses Bridging for Internationally Educated Nurses provides prior learning assessment, academic and occupation-specific language training and work experience. Tel: 905.540.4247 x 26737
Niagara Immigrant Connections Initiative Program Immigrants Immigrant Mentoring Program is designed to assist internationally trained immigrants to successfully navigate the Canadian labour market by matching them with experienced professionals with shared education, work experience and career goals. Complete the online info request form
North Bay & District Multicultural Centre Program Immigrants Immigrant Mentoring Program is designed to assist internationally trained immigrants to successfully navigate the Canadian labour market by matching them with experienced professionals with shared education, work experience and career goals. Tel: 705.495.8931
Email: info@nbdmc.ca
Ontario Immigration Resources and services Immigrants in non-health related professions (for health related professions see Health Force Ontario) Global Experience Ontario is an online access and resource centre for internationally trained and educated individuals. Services include contact info and referrals to the regulatory body in the appropriate field of expertise, links to education and assessment programs, info about the licensure and registration processes, info on internships and mentorships, and Career Maps (for professions and trades) explaining in detail every step of the registration process including language requirements, industry trends, labour market conditions, the credential assessment process and licensing fees Tel: 416.327.9694
Toll free 1.866.670.4094
Email: geo@ontario.ca
Ontario Society of Professional Engineers Bridging Program Immigrants – Engineers Exam Skills preparation for Internationally Trained Engineers provides learning on the role and context of exam writing in Canada as well as legal and ethical practices in the workplace. Tel: 1.866.763.1654 x 238
Email: avig@ospe.on.ca
Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre Bridging Program Immigrants – Information and Communications Technology Professionals Navigating the Canadian IT workplace provides technical training and full-time professional work placements in the ICT sector. Tel: 613.235.4875 x 138
Email: song.guo@occsc.org
Professions North/Nord Services Resources Immigrants Assists internationally trained professionals (ITPs) reach their career goals by bridging the gap between education, experience, culture and employment. Professionals North/Nord provides ITPs with an online course on portfolio development, online course on intercultural communication for the Canadian workplace, networking and mentoring opportunities and online links to career resources. Complete the online application toaccess all of the services.
Tel: 705.222.1766
Email: info@professionasnorth.ca
Program Immigrants Bridging to Accreditation for internationally trained professionals interested in obtaining accountancy designations.
Ryerson University Bridging Program Immigrants – Accountants International Accounting and Finance Professionals offers two options – Bridge to Accounting Credentials and Bridge to Financial Services – that respond to language and cultural barriers; complex and unfamiliar professional practice, certification and employment requirements. Tel: 416.979.5000 x 6672
Email: iafp@ryerson.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Dieticians Internationally Educated Dieticians Pre-registration Program provides language training, counseling referral to courses, occupational language training, and portfolio support. Tel: 416.979.5000 x 4095
Email: idpp@ryerson.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Midwifes International Midwifery Pre-registration Program provides assessment, info about practicing in Ontario, skills enhancement, clinical placement and mentoring in a number of courses. Tel: 416.979.5000 x 7681
Email: agaul@ryerson.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Engineers Internationally Educated Engineers Qualification Bridging Program provides English technical terminology, Canadian economic principles, engineering law and ethics, and a co-op work term. Tel: 416.979.5000 x 4263 or 4902
Email: ieeqb@ryerson.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Social Workers Internationally Educated Social Work Professionals provides training, workplace experience, and occupation-specific communications. Tel: 416.979.5000 x 4095
Email: iesw@ryerson.ca
Royal Military College Pre-arrival Program Immigrants A member of Canadian Virtual University, which permits eligible individuals to begin their university program prior to arriving in Canada.
Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrants Information on the process (research, consult, apply, challenge, get your results). Completion of a PLAR Application form is required. Fees apply. Tel: 416.491.5050 x 22840
Email: admission@senecacollege.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Engineers and Natural Sciences Bridging to Green Careers provides academic training in one of two career streams: energy management or natural environments. Upon completion, participants receive a post-graduate certificate. Tel: 416.491.5050 x 77337
Email: bridging@senecacollege.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Financial Services College Immigrant Pathways – Financial Services Essentials provides technical skills upgrading, as well as occupation-specific and workplace cultural communications for work in the banking, securities and insurance sectors.
Skills for Change Bridging Program Immigrants – Trades Prepares internationally trained industrial electricians, construction and maintenance electricians, industrial mechanics (millwrights), plumbers, carpenters, and heating, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics to write and pass their Certification of Qualification exams and find work in their field. Tel: 905.595.1679 x 103
Email: tradeswin@skillsforchange.org
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Bridging Program Immigrants – Environmental Engineers and Geoscientists Professional Access and Integration Enhancement Program provides technical training, as well as occupation-specific language and workplace communication and culture training. Participants also complete a 12 month paid work placement and take professional practice exams. Tel: 416.661.6600 x 5343
Email: labergel@trca.on.ca
Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council Program Immigrants Mentoring Partnership is designed to assist internationally trained immigrants to successfully navigate the Canadian labour market by matching them with experienced professionals with shared education, work experience and career goals. Connect to this program throughlocal Service Delivery Partners –see the TRIEC website for the updated list of partners.
Program Immigrants TRIEC Connector helps newcomers (who have completed a minimum of a one year post-secondary education or training program and received a diploma, certificate or degree) grow their professional network and connect with career opportunities. Email: connector@triec.ca
Program Immigrants Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs) is an initiative that strengthens the capacity of professional immigrant associations. To connect with a professional immigrant association visit www.networksforimmigrants.ca
Program Immigrants Career Bridge internships are paid mid-level professional position with flexible terms of 4,6,9 or 12 months in a broad spectrum of non-regulated business functions including HR, marketing, engineering, IT, finance, sales and project management. www.careeredge.ca
Tel: 416.977.3343
Email: letschat@careeredge.ca
University of Guelph PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrantsenrolled inUniversity of Guelph Contact Enrollment Services for more information and application forms. Email: ups@registrar.uguelph.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Francophone Agrologists Specialized Employment in Support of Rural Ontario provides in French, academic training, mentoring, internships and job placements. Tel: 613.679.2218 x 300
Email: SFournier@alfredc.uoguelph.ca
University of Toronto Credential Evaluation Service Immigrant Credential Education Service of the University of Toronto provides an educational assessment service that compares educational qualifications from other countries to Ontario’s educational standards. Evaluates credentials for employment purposes. Services are available in French, but assessment reports are available in English only. Fees apply. Tel: 416.978.2400 x 3
Email: ces.info@utoronto.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Science Backgrounds Certificate in Life Science Enterprise offers the following courses: Effective Communication and Negotiation, Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Laboratory Practice and Employment in Life Sciences. Tel: 905.569.4508
Email: scs.biotech@utoronto.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Engineers Licensing International Engineers into the Profession provides engineering-specific language training workplace culture and communication training, technical engineering course and preparation to write the Professional Practice Exam. The program also provides Canadian work experience through mentoring, internship or work placements. Tel: 416.946.0319
Email: scs.liep@utoronto.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Lawyers Internationally Trained Lawyers Program provides a continuum of services that addresses various needs of international lawyers from the time they enter Canada and begin the certification process by preparing them for the Accreditation exams until they are registered with the Law Society of Upper Canada, licensed to practice law in the Ontario. Tel: 416.978.6770
Email: itlprogram.law@utoronto.ca
Program Immigrants – Pharmacists International Pharmacy Graduate Program provides academic modules and experiential learning for the purpose of meeting entry-level standards of practice for pharmacists. Tel: 416.946.5779
Email: ipginfo.phm@utoronto.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Physiotherapists Ontario Internationally Educated Physiotherapists Bridging Program provides occupation-specific language training, exam preparation, access to clinical skills lab and Canadian work experience through a clinical internship. Tel: 416.946.8560
Email: iept@utoronto.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – all Professions Business Edge: A Program for Internationally Educated Professional helps participants develop the skills needed to gain visibility and build networks. Tel: 416.978.7059
Email: Sabina.michael@rotman.utoronto.ca
University of Waterloo Bridging Program Immigrants – Optometrists International Optometric Bridging Program provides participants with academic courses, occupation-specific language training, workplace culture, communication training and clinical placements. Tel: 519.888.4567 x 37882
Email: iobp@uwataerloo.ca
University of Windsor Bridging Program Immigrants – Chartered Professional Accountant Financial Management Certification Program (one-year) helps international finance professionals through a combination of academic training and exam preparation. Website: www.westofwindsor.com
Tel: 519.256.6621
Email: info@westofwindsor.com
Veterinary Skills Training & Enhancement Program (a joint venture of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association and the Ontario Veterinary College of the University of Guelph) Bridging Program Immigrants – Veterinarians Veterinary Skills, Training and Enhancement Program helps internationally trained veterinarians get licensed and find employment. Participants receive training in workplace culture, medical ethics and business skills. Tel: 519.767.6564
Email: amartin@vstepontario.org
WES (World Education Services) Credential Evaluation Service Immigrants Converts foreign secondary and post-secondary educational qualifications into their Ontario and Canadian equivalents. Document-by-document, course-by-course or customized reports are available for education, immigration, licensing or employment purpose. Services and assessment reports are available in English and French. Fees apply. Tel: 416.972.0070
Online Contact Us form.
WIL Employment Connections Financial assistance Immigrants Internationally Trained Worker Loan Program provides ITWs living in southwestern Ontario with the funds necessary to over the direct and indirect costs related to foreign credential recognition. Tel: 519.858.2348
Email: info@accesscentre.ca
Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. Program Immigrants Management Training Program provides internationally trained professional who have experience in strategic financial management and have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to gain the necessary tools to obtain Certified Management Accounting accreditation. Email Georgia Graham or Olivia Zhao
YMCA Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo Program Immigrants Immigrant Mentoring Program is designed to assist internationally trained immigrants to successfully navigate the Canadian labour market by matching them with experienced professionals with shared education, work experience and career goals. Cambridge
Tel: 519.621.1621 x 291
Tel: 519.579.9622 x 244Complete online info request form
YMCA-YWCA National Capital Region Service Immigrants Employment Access Centre assists individuals to obtain employment through one-on-one employment counseling to help individuals with their employment goals through career exploration, credential assessment, licensing guidance and work experience. Tel: 613.788.5001 x 5123 or 613.688.2150
Email: eac.argyle@ymcaywca.ca
Pre-employment Program Immigrants – Trades Training and support for immigrants who want to work in the skilled trades. The program includes orientation to skilled trades and apprenticeships, certification (e.g. WHMIS), work toward earning secondary school diploma, and co-op work placement. Tel: 613.788.5001
Email: poweroftrades@ymcaywca.ca
York University Bridging Program Immigrants – Business, IT and HR Bridging Programs for Internationally Educated Professionals in three areas: Business (accounting, finance, management, marketing and public administration), IT (application development and systems analysis) and HR. Website
Tel: 416.736.5620Email: makemore@yorku.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Nurses Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Internationally Educated Nurses provides academic training, skills upgrading, language training and clinical experience. Program graduates receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and are qualified to write the Canadian Registered Nurses Exam. Tel: 416.736.2100 x 30009
Email: ien@yorku.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Nurses Building Internationally Educated Nurses’ Intercultural Competence through Technologically Enhanced Learning provides intercultural awareness through technology enhanced learning. This program is a component of the BSc in Nursing for Internationally Educated Nurses. Tel: 416.736.2100 x 33182
Email: Bradley@yorku.ca
Bridging Program Immigrants – Health Professionals Bridge Training in Healthcare Interpreting for Internationally Educated Professionals provides specialized training in healthcare interpretation services in languages other than English and French. It offers occupation-specific language training, Canadian work experience, and preparation for the national Board of Certification for medical Interpreters exam. Tel: 416.736.2100 x 88339
Email: aclifford@gl.yorku.ca
YWCA Hamilton Bridging Program Immigrants – Environmental Professionals Bridging to Environmental Occupations provides participants with sector-specific language, communication training, technical academic training and Canadian work experience. Tel: 905.522.9922 x 142 or 150
Email: bridging@ywcahamilton.org
Bridging Program Immigrants – Information & Communications Technology Professionals Bridging to information and Communications Technology Occupations provides sector-specific language and communication training, technical academic training and Canadian work experience.

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