Halifax Declaration for RPL

A Legacy from the Joint National Conference for Prior Learning and Quality Recognition – Building Canada’s Future Prosperity. A Call to Action!

As part of this conference, several processes and activities were put in place to solicit the views of the conference participants and their ideas for a plan of action. The conference participant survey and an on-site focus group, along with workshop discussions recorded throughout the three days, provided an independent 'action research' project focused upon the event. The results of these activities and consultations fonn the basis of this bilingual "Halifax Declaration for the Recognition of Prior Learning". It is hoped that the leadership, passion and commitment of the conference participants to the field of prior learning assessment and qualification recognition, as articulated in the Declaration, will provide a vision and action plan for future development in Canada.

Development Date: October 2001
Author(s): Prepared by Bonnie Kennedy (for the National Advisory Committee)

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