Elizabeth Nicholas



Elizabeth Nicholas, CHRP/CHRL, CCS, CCDP, is an Employment and Education Coordinator at the Trenton Military Family Resource Centre where she enjoys creating and offering award-winning employment and entrepreneurial training to Canadian military and veteran families worldwide. She is always thrilled to offer sessions, resources, and tools to help those in need reach for and discover their true potential. With her background in marketing, she holds designations as a Certified Human Resource Professional, Certified Human Resource Leader, Certified Career Strategist, Certified PLAR Practitioner, and most recently a Certified Career Development Practitioner. She actively volunteers with the HRPA (Human Resources Professionals Association) Quinte Chapter as well as on the board of CAPLA (Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment). Always game to bring her skills and talents to create fun, interactive, and valuable training opportunities to others, she views every exchange as an investment for all involved.

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