Competency Portfolio Report

In November 2009, a group of key stakeholders from across Canada came together at the CAPLA Fall Focus in Toronto to discuss the concept of the competency portfolio as a learning management tool. The purpose of this paper is to share the knowledge brought forth in this session, to learn about current opportunities, identify key ingredients, and to discuss considerations and possible solutions in the development and use of competency portfolio.

Development Date: November 2009
Author(s): Jane McLaren (RFL Coordinator)

Contributers include:
Nancy Anningson, Prior Learning Centre
Deb Blower, Red River College
Eddie CalistoTavares, Options for Success Inc.
Patrick Cummins, ESPORT
Guy Fortier, Compétences Montréal
Gaelyne MacAuley, Trade Essentials Centre, PEI
Bill Pigram, Middlesex County Employment Services
Samantha Slade,
Maha Surani, Association of Canadian Community Colleges
Frank Vandenburg, New Brunswick Community College

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