Andy Brown

Chair & Interim Executive Director


Andy Brown coordinates the Transportation and Logistics Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RPL) services at Champlain College in Montreal.

After three decades of teaching, he is still fascinated by the teaching/learning interface. He recently researched factors that aid and inhibit non-traditional students’ retention/progression in Champlain’s RPL services to complete his Master’s degree in Education. In addition, he is implementing the use of a learning management system to facilitate student motivational engagement/attainment using formative/summative assessments and gap filling activities. He believes that the RPL process can be a transformative experience and is a vehicle through which clients can realize their own potential and professional goals. He is also convinced that the classroom is a place of flux, of professional challenge, of continued professional development, of meaningful relationships and ultimately a place of joy. Andy is at his happiest supporting and guiding the students and content specialists who make up the Transportation & Logistics RPL Team: to him, this is both a pleasure and an honor.

Since March 2020, he has been focussed on guiding the Transportation & Logistics RPL Team in delivering their RPL services at-distance. Through collaboration, the team was able to adapt its services from 100% face-to-face to 100% at-distance in three weeks. After a year, the team is still honing and tweaking its service delivery, via Zoom and learning management systems. This transformation, although coming with challenges, has allowed greater access to clients, especially those who are working full-time. Post-COVID, the service will adopt a blended-approach with a mixture of face-to-face and online access to complete the RPL process at Champlain.

Andy has been on CAPLA’s Board for a number of years, first as a member, then as Vice Chair. He was elected Chair in December 2020. He is excited to collaborate with the Board to continue to meet CAPLA’s mission to its membership and the wider RPL community.

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