2019 Fall Focus Webinar Series

CAPLA presents a three-part Fall Focus Webinar Series to explore

  • A Unique RPL Program for Immigrants and Employers
  • World Education Services’ (WES) White Paper Beyond Academic Credentials
  • Current RPL Research from Around the World

Use the Fall Focus Webinar Series to keep current about what’s happening in Canada and around the world through this great RPL professional development opportunity.

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A Unique RPL Program for Immigrants and Employers

Tuesday, Oct 29 @ 12 noon Ontario time (ET) for one hour

Patrick MacKenzie, CEO – Immigrant Employment Council of BC

Skilled immigrants to Canada often face barriers to meaningful employment. Patrick MacKenzie will talk about the Immigrant Employment Council of BC’s experience using competency assessments to help immigrants demonstrate the skills they bring to the table and better understand how they can navigate the Canadian labour market. IEC-BC’s FAST is an on-line competency assessment tool that assesses occupation-specific technical and soft skills for 68 jobs in the skilled trades, biotechnology and IT & data services. FAST’s unique approach also provides personalized on-line gap training that addresses the specific needs of each user.


Patrick MacKenzie, CEO – Immigrant Employment Council of BC

Patrick MacKenzie is the CEO of the Immigrant Employment Council of BC. He has made a career of public service from coast to coast, working in policy and program areas aimed at supporting many of Canada’s most vulnerable communities through economic and social development as well as international relations. Previously, Patrick spent 11 years working for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada at its national headquarters in Ottawa and its regional offices in Vancouver. Throughout his career, Patrick has worked with partners on matters affecting aboriginal and immigrant populations, including immigrant economic integration, provincial nominee programs, credential recognition and labour mobility.

World Education Services’ (WES) White Paper Beyond Academic Credentials

Thursday, Nov 14 (postponed until Tuesday, December 3) @ 12 noon Ontario time (ET) for one hour

Shamira Madhany, Managing Director, Canada and Deputy Executive Director of World Education Services, will introduce WES’ recent white paper Beyond Academic Credentials as a starting point towards a more holistic approach to assessing and recognizing immigrant talent. Discussing competency-informed assessment, input from participants will be welcome regarding the role of RPL practitioners in achieving a Future of Work that works for everyone.


Shamira Madhany, Managing Director, Canada and Deputy Executive Director of World Education Services

Shamira’s association with the RPL community goes back many years and her support for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can be traced back to 2001, when she affirmed the Halifax Declaration for the Recognition of Prior Learning, along with 36 other government officials and national stakeholders.

Ms. Madhany was a staunch supporter of bringing the fields of prior learning assessment (PLA) and foreign qualification recognition together, so all learning, regardless of where it was acquired, should be recognized. With widespread support from others across Canada, the concept of one national RPL conference was realized in 2001.

Shamira co-chaired the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Working Group on Access to Professions and Trades along with a co-chair from the federal government. After she left the Working Group on Access to Professions and Trades in Ontario, Shamira continued her work with the Ontario government at the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and later became Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) and Chief Diversity and Accessibility Officer. In 2014, she went to the Cabinet Office as ADM for the Health, Social, Education and Children’s Policy portfolios. She has led important initiatives including the Poverty Reduction Strategy, Highly Skilled Workforce Review, Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis and Community Hubs.

Current RPL Research from Around the World

Tuesday Nov. 26 at 12 noon Ontario time (ET) for one hour

Prior Learning Assessment Inside Out (PLAIO) at www.plaio.org is a scholarly online journal devoted to the recognition and assessment of prior experiential learning. Editors, Nan Travers and Alan Mandell, will share major themes and questions that have emerged from current RPL research and possible implications for practice. There will be opportunities for questions and online discussion.


Alan Mandell is College Professor of Adult Learning and Mentoring, and was during the years 2008-2009, the first Susan Turben Chair in Mentoring at ESC. For more than three decades, Alan has served as administrator (associate dean [1987-1992] and associate dean/director [1992-1997]), mentor in the social sciences (from 1975), and director of the college’s Mentoring Institute (1997-2007). He edits the journal, All About Mentoring and is also co-editor (with Nan Travers) of the on-line journal, PLA Inside-Out. Alan regularly makes presentations at conferences and trainings on adult learning, mentoring and experiential learning and has served as a consultant/reviewer on many projects. With colleague Elana Michelson, he is the author of Portfolio Development and the Assessment of Prior Learning (two editions); with colleague Lee Herman, he has given many presentations and written essays and book chapters on adult learning and mentoring, including From Teaching to Mentoring: Principle and Practice, Dialogue and Life in Adult Education. His ongoing writing on adult learning with ESC colleague, Xenia Coulter, includes a recent chapter, “Rediscovering the North American Legacy of Self-Initiated Learning in Prior Learning Assessments” that is part of the recent edited volume, Open Learning & Formal Credentialing in Higher Education (2016). Among other awards, in 2009, Alan was honored by the City University of New York with an Alumni Achievement Award and by the Adult Higher Education Alliance with the Eugene Sullivan Award for Leadership in Adult Higher Education. He is the recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2001), the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Services (1991) and the Excellence in Mentoring Award (2000).


Dr. Nan L. Travers, Director of the Center for Leadership in Credentialing Learning (CL2) at SUNY Empire State College. The CL2 provides SUNY Empire State College with internal and external leadership in the areas of prior learning assessment, professional learning evaluations, competency-based education and other related practices that support the credentialing of pathways to enhance students’ economic opportunities, social mobility, and talent development within workplace and educational settings. Dr. Travers focuses on research, policies and practices of the recognition, validation and credentialing learning. She is widely published nationally and internationally, and provides leadership in many prior learning assessment efforts, including the Learning Recognition Collaboration, Prior Learning International Research Consortium, Connecting Credentials Initiative, and the Global Learning Qualifications Framework. She is a co-editor for PLA Inside Out: An International Journal on the Theory, Research, and Practice in Prior Learning Assessment (www.plaio.org).

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