Maggie Hope-Simpson


Maggie Hope-Simpson has been a member of CAPLA since 2015, and has served as a member of CAPLA’s Board of Directors since 2018. She currently works with the RPL and Labour Mobility Unit of Nova Scotia government, as the province’s Coordinator of Recognition of Prior Learning. Her previous roles in Nova Scotia government include leading program development initiatives for the Adult Education Division, as well as administration of French language adult and family literacy programs on behalf of Nova Scotia’s Acadian and francophone community. With an educational background in agriculture (MSc (Agr) from McGill University), prior to joining government, Maggie worked for 20 years as an agricultural researcher and consultant, as well as providing composting and waste management consulting to municipalities and industry. Since 2010, the RPL and Labour Mobility Unit has served as the provincial government lead on RPL and International Qualifications Recognition activities in Nova Scotia. Funded projects undertaken in partnership with immigrant serving agencies, non-profit organizations serving the African-Nova Scotian, Acadian/francophone, and Mi’kmaq communities, career development services, educational institutions, sector councils, employers, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders, have helped to build RPL capacity, address labour and skills shortages, and improve educational and employment outcomes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the RPL and Labour Mobility Unit continues to work closely with its government and non-government partners to provide continuity of services and to support adaptation and innovation to ensure that programs continue to meet the needs of Nova Scotians during this time.

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