Lauren Waples


Lauren Waples was elected to the CAPLA Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting in November 2019. Lauren is the Manager Academic Quality & RPL at Red River College where she manages the College’s RPL Services and provides guidance and RPL resource assistance to RRC faculty and staff. Lauren facilitates RPL training and professional development and guides the development of resource materials and evaluation tools. Lauren chairs the College’s RPL Committee comprised of RPL specialists from College academic and service areas. The RPL Committee monitors, reviews, evaluates and provides advice on the implementation of RPL processes to ensure alignment with RPL Policy A14. Lauren leads the Academic Quality team in the Centre for Learning and Program Excellence and works closely with CLPE team members, academic schools and senior academic leadership across the College by providing advice, guidance and coordination of activities relating to academic quality assurance and academic quality enhancement. Lauren has 15 years experience working as Red River College’s RPL Advisor and is a graduate of RRC’s RPL Practitioner Certificate program. Lauren is the instructor for RRC’s PLAR-1200 RPL Foundation course which focuses on RPL principles, learning outcomes, assessment practices, roles of the Advisor, Assessor and Facilitator and strategies to implement a credible RPL system. Lauren has been a member of Manitoba’s provincial Prior Learning Assessment Network (MPLAN) and the Canadian Association of Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA) for more than 20 years. During 11 years as a member of the MPLAN Board, Lauren held positions including MPLAN Board Chair, Vice Chair and Chair of the Program Planning Committee.

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