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Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces and constitutes one of the four Atlantic Canada provinces. Located almost exactly halfway between the equator and the North Pole, its provincial capital is Halifax. Nova Scotia is the second-smallest province in Canada, with an area of 55,284 square kilometres, including Cape Breton Island and another 3,800 coastal islands. As of 2011, the population was 921,727, making Nova Scotia the second-most densely populated province in Canada. ( and wikipedia)

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Cape Breton University PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrant Enrolled in Cape Breton University Students applying for PLAR credit must submit a PLAR application form and a detailed portfolio outlining their relevant experience and demonstrating how it has led to knowledge equivalent of university credit. Up to 50% of a program’s requirements may be awarded through prior learning assessment. Fees apply. Tel: 902.563.1844
College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia Program Immigrants – Practical Nurses Pathway to Success (in conjunction with the Nova Scotia Community College) provides a series of educational sessions designed to assist Internationally Educated Nurses in an understanding of the Licensed Practical Nurse role and scope of practice in Nova Scotia. It also prepares participants for the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam. Tel: 902.423.9280
Continuing Care Assistant Program Training Program Immigrants Offers PLAR through a two phase process – assessment and education (modules, placements, external certificates, skills demonstration and registration for the Certificate Exam). Tel: 902.832.8500
Dalhousie University PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrant Enrolled in Dalhousie University Dal does not have an identified cross-university policy on PLAR, however PLAR is offered in some departments: Continuing Education, Public Administration and Police Leadership. Refer to departments of interest directly.
Government of Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia Start Resources and services Immigrants Immigrants can register for Nova Scotia Start and have access to online programs and services including settlement planning, employment counseling, pre-employment skills development, communication and language skills development, and referrals to other programs and services. Contact Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)
Halifax: 902.423.3607
Immigration Francophone: 902.433.2099
Government of Nova Scotia – Office of Immigration Resources Immigrants Online information on living, working and studying in Nova Scotia.
Greater Halifax Partnership Program Immigrants Halifax Connector – Helps newcomers (who have completed a minimum of a one year post-secondary education or training program and received a diploma, certificate or degree) grow their professional network and connect with career opportunities in Halifax. Tel: 902.490.6460
Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) Services Immigrants Meet with an Employment Specialist to develop an individualized career action plan, discover how to become licensed in a profession, apply to financial support programs, connect with professional associations or discover which ISANS program will be most helpful.
Services Immigrants Focal Point Partner for CIIP clients, ISANS provides overseas advisory services; offers newcomer services towards a seamless transition to in-Canada settlement and labor market integration; facilitates access to language assessment and training, volunteer programs and employment services and programs; and provides financial guidance. Tel: 902.423.3607
Toll Free in NS: 1.866.431.6472
Resources & Services Immigrants – Professionals Resources and services including “Pathways to Licensure,” Self-Assessment Tools and profession-specific programs for the following professions and occupations: architects, dental professionals, engineers, lawyers, medical laboratory technologists, midwives, nurse, pharmacists, physicians, teachers, technicians and technologist, therapists, tourism and hospitality workers and veterinarians. Email:
Bridging Program Immigrants – Medical Graduates International Medical Graduates Bridging Program offers a number of programs, services and resources including study groups, clinical skills review programs, and observerships. Email:
Bridging Program Immigrants – Engineers Internationally Educated Engineers Bridging Program assists with understanding the Canadian work environment, providing competency assessment, understanding the pathway to licensure in Nova Scotia and individual and group support. Email:
Bridging Program Immigrants – Dentists Internationally Educated Dental Professionals Bridging program offers student groups and access to resources. Email:
Financial assistance Immigrants Career Pathway Loan fund provides financial support services for internationally trained workers in the foreign credential recognition process. Loan may pay for professional registration fees, licensing and examination fees, training and tuition fees and work tools. Tel: 902.406.8686
Mount Saint Vincent University PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrant Enrolled in MSVU PLA is carried out through challenging credit and portfolio assessment. Students are requested to submit their portfolio to the Registrar’s office with their requests for specific course assessments. Portfolios will be forwarded to the appropriate department(s) for review and assessment. Fees apply. Tel: 902.457.6400
Tel: 902.457.6373
Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrant Enrolled in NSCECE PLA is carried out through challenging credit and portfolio assessment. Students are requested to submit their portfolio to the Registrar’s office with their requests for specific course assessments. Portfolios will be forwarded to the appropriate department(s) for review and assessment. Fees apply. Tel: 902.423.7114
Email: info@nscece.caComplete the online info form
Nova Scotia Community College PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrant Enrolled in NSCC Students who have five years experience working in a childcare setting may apply for credit toward a portion of the program through our PLAR program. Fees apply. Tel: 902.423.7114
Complete the online info form
Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning (NSSAL) Resource Immigrants Provides adults a way of obtaining either a high school diploma or an equivalent to high school diploma called the GED testing series. The diploma may be offered through Adult High Schools, Nova Scotia Community College and Université Sainte-Anne. Fees may apply. Tel: 1.877.466.7725
NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) PLAR -> Institution Credits Immigrant Enrolled in NSCADU “Students interested in seeking PLAR should consult the Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services or the Registrar immediately after they have been admitted to the university and before they begin classes.” Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services:
Tel: 902.494.8818
Tel: 902.494.8195
Registered Nurses Professional Development Centre Bridging Program Immigrants – Nurses Offers an Orientation for Internationally Educated Health Care Professionals program, Registered Nurses Bridging Program, Professional Support Course, Transition Program, and Assessment Centre. Tel: 902.473.6660


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