Plotting my Direction with a Learning Portfolio

Taking charge of my career and life journey

You have been learning many new skills from experiences you have had each day of your life. The key to moving forward in your education, career, and life goals is making sure you get recognition for your learning so you avoid spending your time and money re-learning what you all ready know.

A Learning Portfolio will help you plan your next move toward your goal, and help you state your case to get the credit you deserve from an employer in the workplace, an educational system, or an institution. A Learning Portfolio takes time and effort to complete but once you have it, you simply update, adjust, and use it wherever you need to seek recognition for your learning.

This resource is a workbook to assist you in creating a Learning Portfolio. It includes descriptions and tools for developing each step in building and using a Learning Portfolio.

Development Date: 2009
Author(s): Gaelyne MacAuley

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