RL Conference Planned for Ottawa
Save The Date: November 2 – 4, 2014
Recognizing Learning: quality assurance practices to advance engagement, employment and education futures

The historic Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa is the site of CAPLA’s upcoming Recognizing Learning conference on November 2 – 4, 2014.

Media Release

Assessing Immigrants’ Skills and Competencies using Quality Practices Becomes Focus for CAPLA.


March 29 – April 6, 2014 is

International Adult Learner’s Week in Canada

Think about something you have learned this week, this month or this year and how it has contributed to your skills and competencies as a citizen, an employee, a volunteer or a parent. Regardless of whether you learned it at home, in school or at work, all learning is valuable and can contribute to who you are, what you know and can do and where your next job opportunity might be found. For additional information on International Adult Learner’s Week, visit To see more about the recognition of prior learning (RPL), go to

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Strategic Advisory Panel on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Click here for a PDF with more information on the New Strategic Advisory Panel on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).


Web Page for Past Conferences

Visit the "Past Conferences" page to view proceedings and other information regarding prior CAPLA events. You can access this page from our menu at left.


Going to Canada Online Portfolio Model

Human Resources and Skills Development are working in partnership with Citizenship and Immigration, Industry Canada and Foreign Affairs to enhance the Going to Canada web site so that it becomes a one-stop immigration portal. The on-line service will provide useful information for those considering immigration as well as for those wanting to make their integration into Canadian life less difficult.

Read the Going to Canada Online Portfolio Model!

CAPLA News is an online community of practice to advance the assessment and recognition of prior learning in Canada.

The Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA) is leading the development, which is being supported the Office of Learning Technologies Community Initiatives Fund and Industry Canada (School Net) and by the following project partners:

  • The Centre for the Study of Education and Work, University of Toronto
  • Conestoga College and the Cross Canada Study partners
  • Dr. Morris Keeton, University of Maryland
  • Mohawk College
  • The University of Saskatchewan will serve those who need PLAR services as well as those who develop, provide, regulate and research them, including adult learners, employers, education providers, the military, government agencies, community organizations, sector councils, labour, groups seeking equity, occupational associations, settlement services for immigrants and consultants.

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